Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where I shop for cheap clothing!

Many other college students can agree with me that it's hard to find CUTE cheap clothes. And just so everyone understands that I am not trying to advertise any of these stores I am trying to tell you that you don't need to pay $30 for a shirt you can find the same one at another store for $5, $7, $10. For example I LOVE LOVE LOVE American Eagle Outfitters. But I hate paying $30 for a plaid shirt. I found an American Eagle Outfitters plaid shirt for $10 at this amazing fantastic store called.. Platos Closet. If there's one by you look it up. They take barely used name brand clothing from you, and then lets say like me traded a bunch of clothes in the other day for $50 (it was luck and nice clothes *note* not EVERYONE will get over $20 when they bring items in) So I looked around for some cute stuff. Not knowing I was getting $50 back.
So I found.... a pair of grey AEO jeans, a light pink Aerie hoodie, lace tee, AEO plaid shirt, AEO Striped sweater. All for around $56. The picture in the upper right hand corner is what I got from Platos : ). In reality lets do the math.
Aerie hoodie- $39.99
AEO jeans- $29.99
Lace tee - $29.99
AEO Plaid shirt - $29.99
AEO sweater - $29.99
so lets see... gently used clothing that looks like new and I only paid less than $60 or brand new clothing that I woulve paid around $180 for? I love this store! : D But I do have to admit some of the clothes are considered old school american eagle like the cuts on jeans, the sweater. But the older AEO is my fav lasts longer and made a lot better!
Alright everyone subscribe to my blog and stay tuned for more clothing styles from a broke college student! ; )

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