Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Boots/Shoes? Nothing to wear with them??

New Boots or Shoes with nothing to wear with them!?
Don't you worry I had the same exact problem too!
I bought my Ugg Equestrian Riding boots and they were just beautiful boots but to be honest I had nothing to wear with them! Until now!
So basically I realized that before I bought these I had another pair of tall boots from JCP by Decree. And I had a braided belt from American Eagle Outfitters!
Like so.. But everything I wore with these $15 boots matched everything I was wearing and I tried putting an outfit together with out a matching accesory and it didnt work. Silly me. I figured out that I need to find a belt that really matched my other boots. It's hard to find a color that will match the light shade of the Ugg boots so I looked around and I found some belts from American Eagle Outfitters and I really liked this plain one. It was $24.99 compared to another one I was looking at which was $29.99.. But The middle matches a tad but the outside is dark like the back of the boot where the leather is! : ) But it goes to show that accessories really do make an outfit look good! But its just not with boots! These are my favorite coach shoes and I found that if you match the belt buckle with any accent metal it will go along even better than expected! : ) Also heres a look at my black tall 3 button bailey boots at the bottom. : )


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