Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Keep Your Pretty Tall Boots Staying Tall during the Summer!

Hey everyone! Want a trick/tip on how to keep your pretty tall boots staying Pretty and Tall?? Then READ ON AND CARRY ON !
Anyone that has bought boots or Ugg boots or anything in the mail thats come in a box and has this paper wrapping knows that either
A. It's a waste of paper
B. Trash
C. Helpful way of keeping your boots tall!
D. All of the above!!! ;D
Well if you guessed D! You're right! : ) Basically I felt bad throwing all that paper away its pretty and has the UGG logo all over it : ) lmao. But what you can do to save your UGGS/tall boot is..

Take the sheets of paper you really don't need a whole lot of it just enough to put by the ankle. So you roll up the paper in a ball and just stick it right in the bottom/ankle area for the boots!
Here is the example! Next to know it works your boots should be standing tall and pretty!
Here are some more examples for boots


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